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Rugby has found its way to Seinäjoki, so come join us and follow the most handsome rugby club of the Lakeus!

Seinäjoki Rugby association was founded in February 2014 and the first training session was held the same year in May. Our club consists of both women’s and men’s teams and we are currently over 20 active members. We are persistently aiming to increase the number of active members.

The number of active members during the season 2016 is expected to be at least double the amount of the previous season. The men’s team currently plays in the 1st division but the main objective for the future is to get promoted to the national league. The women’s team is also aiming for the national league.

We train goal-oriented all year round and we arrange rugby beginner’s courses at least three times a year.

If you are interested in participating the activity of Seinäjoki Rugby, please come follow our training sessions or take part in rugby beginner’s course.

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