Licences & Insurances

Seinäjoki Rugby’s yearly club fees, including seasons transport and training, for 2024 is €100

Suomen Rugbyliitton License period 2024 (01.01.2024 – 31.12.2024)

In all competition series played in Finland (Men’s SM series, Divisions 1 & 2, Women’s SM series, Women’s 1st division, 7-rugby series, and Finnish junior series) all players must have a valid license and insurance.

The license is obtained online: LICENSE PURCHASE (Quick instructions for license purchases)


Once the license has been paid, the payment receipt will be sent to the email address provided during registration. You can also log in to your Suomisport account and print the payment information for the purchased license. There are three dots in the upper right corner, which you can click to bring up the options.

If you have technical problems with purchasing a license, please contact

The purchase consists of two steps – the purchase of the license and the purchase of the insurance.

Prices of licenses and insurance for the 2024 license season:

SRL player license – €50
Coach and referee license / Youth license / Hobby license – €10
Processing fee – €1.50
Pohjola Sporttturva insurance (if you already have valid comprehensive accident insurance, the details of the replacement insurance must be filled in when registering the license)
Adult Premium insurance – €515
Basic adult insurance – €380
Premium insurance for a young person (12–17 years old, born 2006-2011) – €125
Basic insurance for young people (12–17 years old, born 2006-2011) – €93
Children’s (ages 8-11, born 2012-2015) Premium insurance – €68
Basic insurance for children (ages 8-11, born 2012-2015) – €52
Basic insurance for an adult for a week – €77
SRL’s coaches and referees are insured under Pohjola Double Insurance.

Details for full-season insurance can be found here and weekly insurance here.


License without insurance

If you have personal accident insurance that covers sports accidents in your sport, you can choose an uninsured license.

The prerequisite for a license without insurance is that you fill in the information of the replacement license in the fields reserved for them when purchasing the license (insurance company and insurance number). The insurance certificate no longer needs to be delivered to the SRL office, but by purchasing a license without insurance, you commit to having acquired your own insurance that is sufficiently comprehensive. However, your club may require an insurance certificate from you.

The insurance information is recorded in the license holder’s information on the license pages.

Insurance license

If you do not have comprehensive enough personal accident insurance, you should choose an insurable license.

The insurance conditions of the sports insurance are followed in the insurance license. More information can be found at

For more information about the insurance, contact Pohjola Insurance at tel. 0303 0303 or

Damage occurred – Contact the Pohjola Terveysmesta service:

Pohjola Health Master is available at 0100 5225 (every day from 7 am to 11 pm) or in the Pohjola Hospital app. The price of the call is the normal mobile phone or local network charge. Pohjola Health Master Service is provided by Pohjola Hospital Oy.

· You will receive an expert’s assessment of your symptoms from Pohjola Terveysmestar and, if necessary, you will be referred directly to a suitable professional for treatment at the nearest Pohjola Hospital or Pohjola Insurance partner’s office.

· Terveysmesta verifies what your insurance covers in connection with paid medical services and handles the compensation case for you. You only pay the possible deductible for the reimbursed treatment on the spot.

· If a visit to the doctor is not necessary, you will receive clear home care instructions that will help you get yourself in shape.

· Outside service hours or in acute emergencies, you can go to any doctor or hospital for first aid. Pay the medical expenses yourself first and then file a claim in OP-mobile or OP’s online service.

In the event of damages, operating instructions can also be found in Damage Assistance

Sports insurance is temporary. Sporttiturva comes into effect on January 1, 2024, when you pay it during January 2024. If you pay later, it will take effect on the day of payment at 24:00 or from the moment of payment.
Keep the payment receipt, which shows the payment time. Sporttiturva ends on 31 December 2024.